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Mariam Consulting is a boutique human resource consulting firm specialising in MENTORING & DEVELOPING TALENT for an ORGANISATION'S wellbeing. Mariam's range of consultants are hand picked from industry known practitioners and Subject Matter Experts in their respective practicing fields. Their accumulated years of experience gained from MNCs, GLCs, Public and Private Limited Companies shaped Mariam's service quality standards promised to Clients. Mariam's business charter specifies that TALENT is an organisation's greatest asset and systematic development invested into them will assure long term SUSTAINABILITY for the business. Retaining TALENT is the key to an organisation's SUCCESSION PLANNING. Organisations worried about TALENT should talk to MARIAM and the MENTORING can begin.


We advise and lead clients to realise the importance of People Development and Performance in return for Competent, Efficient and Effective Manpower Utilisation.


We consult and lead clients on People System and Processes in achieving Lean People Management and Productivity for better Customer Service delivery.

Executive Search

We assist our clients to headhunt industry's best talent right fit to the needs of our client's business.

Training & Development

We focus to elevate clients' resources of Soft and Technical Know-How in Strategic and Operational Management demanded by the business.

Project Management

We embark to deliver on clients' Short and Medium Term people-related projects on the spectrum of Human Resource Management.

Miscellaneous Needs

Do you have other miscellaneous needs demanded by the business? Talk to Us !!!

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Running Programme | e-Mentoring in HR

Who should attend?...Organisation talents, executives, managers, employees or individuals interested to improve/develop their HR knowledge and skills to become a true HR practitioner! For further details of the programme, please call Noriah at +60174701517 or e-mail your enquiry to